Who is Clive?

Ever listened to Conversations on the Edge and wondered who that distinctive, calming baritone belongs to? Wonder no more.

There’s a theme among blockchain projects and any kind of marketing that demands video or audio. We’re not saying they all sound the same but if you pause and think of all the voices you’ve heard explaining the many exciting emerging ideas in crypto, we’ll bet that none of them sound like Clive.

Clive Kitchener is a retired Canadian broadcaster living in Sooke BC on Vancouver Island. He’s been in the Edge community for some time, following the project since the very earliest of its days and one of the first to stake a node. He’s keen on tech, an interest developed over his long career in radio.

“I was unavoidably exposed to various technologies both old and new and fortunately I found it fascinating,” he says, with his trademark soft bellow.

“Not that I could build or fix any of it but ‘hearing’ the results of that technology through a speaker to me was near miraculous.”

Clive’s first connection to the digital world was via 386DX in the 1990s, with a massive 52MB hard drive. He was as enthralled with the Internet as he was when he first heard a radio station in an earphone connected to a crystal set.

“Technology can be used for good, bad or nothing at all,” says Clive. “I take none of it for granted – and I believe EDGE is here for the good.”

And that’s why he raised his hand to help. He’s lent his voice to 30 episodes of Conversations on the Edge, all of which can be found here. Stay tuned for even greater plans in audio for 2022.

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