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Edge Network harnesses the power of people to change digital infrastructure – and with it the world.

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‘Bitcoin will unite a deeply divided country’, said Twitter founder Jack Dorsey on Twitter this week, before further raising the stakes by adding ‘the world’.

Granted, there was no deeper explanation of how this digital white knight will deliver our salvation (and indeed Dorsey has form for indeterminate statements about Bitcoin and world peace), but given that you are here – and that you already know about Edge Network – we’ll bet that you have your own ideas about why he might be right.

So do we.

To zoom out a bit, Bitcoin is probably the ultimate example of the power of blockchain technology. It can reach across borders, bypass governments and democratise finance – much as blockchain can be a force for good by bringing openness and transparency to almost every sector it touches.

For Edge Network, this is about fairness in digital infrastructure – or, in other words, web hosting and data storage for the benefit of all of us. We are on a journey to join together the laptops, mobile phones, consoles and servers we all own into a brand new ‘cloud’ that doesn’t depend upon the might of Google, Amazon or Microsoft for the power to make it live.

Blockchain – as we learned in a recent instalment of Conversations on the Edge – makes it possible for Edge to transparently calculate the amount of data stored by customers and how much contributors need to earn as a result. This is absolutely at the core of why Edge Network exists: to make the internet a fairer place. One that ‘gives back’ to the very people who rely on it.

It’s not world peace, we’ll give you that. But it is just one powerful example of how the technology that underpins Bitcoin is bringing real change to our world. And it’s a change you can be a part of, either by moving your digital services to Edge or being part of the growing crowd of contributors who support it – our ‘crowd infrastructure’, as we like to call it.

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