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Since the launch of device self on-boarding and release of edge-cli in August, more than 200 devices have been registered, staked and enabled as part of the Edge network.

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Whilst the benefits of an increase in geographic spread, machine classification and processing architecture are already being felt by the network, this hasn’t come without its fair share of issues. The devices themselves require a little preparation in the form of the installation of an OS, and of Docker.

Docker is widely supported, but making sure the machine has the correct version with the right permissions can take a little technical expertise. Firewall configurations can on occasion pose an issue, although this is often easier to diagnose.

Whilst we can’t provide support for third-party applications, to help our community members detect common operational issues, and to help us diagnose unhealthy nodes we’ve added a new check command to edge-cli which provides a clear list of requirements and performance tests to cover the majority of common snags, and we’ll be rolling out a lot more over the coming months.

🔗Update your current version

sudo apt update
sudo apt install edge-cli

🔗Running the check command


sudo edge-cli check


🔗Docker setup check

A failed docker setup check is a sign of improper docker installation.

🔗DNS resolution check using system default resolver

A failed DNS resolution check using the system default resolver is a sign you might want to change your system resolver. Perhaps setting it to, or

🔗DNS resolution check using the alternative resolver (

If DNS resolution using the system default resolver fails and this passes, we suggest changing your system DNS resolver to

🔗Reachability check

A failed reachability check is a sign there might be a firewall setting that is blocking access to the network.

🔗Latency check

A failed latency check is a sign to check your network setup, perhaps changing from wireless to wired, or moving closer to the router. It’s also a sign that with the current network setup your device may be less competitive than others in term of request dequeuing.


See a check missing? We’d love to hear your experience with device onboarding and look forward to introducing more helpful diagnostics tools to keep your Host healthy.

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