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With $EDGE now released and value on the rise, it’s time to think about staking – and your chance to earn revenue for contributing to Edge Network.

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Fairness. Regular readers will know this is a key driving force behind Edge Network – we know the Internet is an ever-growing necessity in all our lives and it’s just plain unfair that the bulk of the revenue is shared between just three companies.

Edge Network is a not-for-profit organisation set up to fairly distribute the Internet among us. It does this in two ways: first, it uses the laptops, mobile phones and digital devices we all own to store the data we all need access to. Second, it rewards every one of us that offers up space to host this data.

That means anyone with a computer can own a slice of the Internet. Anyone can profit from the digital infrastructure that is fast becoming as important to society as clean water or electricity to heat and light our homes.

Simply download and install the software of Edge and it will automatically connect your machine to a network of thousands – eventually millions – of similar devices that together will replace the old fashioned farms of servers currently used by traditional cloud infrastructure providers.

How do you do that? Well first you need to provide what we call a ‘stake’. This is a quantity of $EDGE tokens to ensure every contributor is committed to providing a reliable connection. Think of it as an insurance against those who might otherwise provide unreliable connections, undermining trust in the network.

This stake of $EDGE tokens is then transferred into the $XE blockchain (Edge Network’s own blockchain) to set up your contribution account – and allow you to start earning for every unit of data processed by your machine.

It’s totally safe, expertly secure and an easy way to make your existing digital devices pay for themselves by earning you revenue that can be transferred back out into $EDGE tokens for exchange into other currencies.

We’re onboarding new contributors from the end of the year. We have no control over the value of $EDGE but since launch it has raced from $0.04 to (at peak so far) ten times that amount – it may be prudent to ready your stake without delay.

To be a part of this Internet revolution, sign up here. If you want more information on how the blockchain of Edge Network operates, listen to episode 13 of ‘Conversations on the Edge’ – find it via Twitter or YouTube. Or read this.

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