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Why switching digital services to Edge Network will make your business greener, faster and more cost-effective.

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Where does ‘green’ feature in your digital product roadmap? Has your business yet calculated the carbon footprint of its digital products?

We ask because Edge Network is designed from the ground up to be a greener alternative to traditional cloud services. Your business could become more environmentally friendly overnight by moving some or all of its data storage to Edge.

Why? Because Edge doesn’t force the internet to run on large, dedicated server farms owned by big corporations. Instead it securely stores the data we need on machines all around us, such as the laptops and mobile phones we use every day.

This is a far more efficient way of sharing data. It reuses technology that already exists. It reduces the distance between where it is stored and where it is accessed – so it doesn’t have to travel as far. All of which means less energy is used to load web pages or transfer files, which reduces the impact on the environment.

So where’s the catch? There isn’t one. Because of the way Edge Network chops up data and spreads it across millions of devices it is more secure. And because it uses less energy it’s also less expensive than traditional cloud services too.

Head to today to find out more about our new, cleaner cloud – and while you’re there, drop us a line to ask about how Edge technology can help you tell a greener story about your digital services with one simple, cost-effective step.

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