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Edge Network stores the Internet in homes and offices all around us. But that doesn’t make it any less secure.

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Here’s a thought. Is your data any more secure in the traditional cloud because it is locked up miles away on massive servers in fortress factories? Spoiler alert: no. It just makes access to that data slower and more expensive.

The reason Edge is poised to revolutionise the way we host our digital services is that it is more ‘cloud-like’ than traditional cloud infrastructure. It is all around us. It places the data we consume onto the very same connected devices we use to access it.

This reduces the distance it needs to travel, thereby increasing speed and reducing cost.

But close by doesn’t mean within easy reach. Just as locked factory doors don’t help server farms, locked (or even unlocked) front doors don’t make a jot of difference to data security on the Edge Network.

No single file is stored on any single device and each file is encrypted and broken into hundreds of parts, which are then seeded across devices in the network. This means that even if you knew what you were looking for, you would have to break into hundreds of homes and offices, pickpocket thousands of mobile phones from the streets then attempt to retrieve and stitch together fragments of data from your haul of individual devices.

In other words, impossible. It’s why, with confidence, we are happy to add ‘more secure’ to phrases like ‘faster’ and ‘greener’ when describing Edge Network.

If you’d like to describe your digital products in those terms – while also adding ‘less expensive’ to the mix – contact us for more details. For more information on security and Edge Network, here’s a deeper dive.

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