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We lift the lid on our exchange strategy for 2022 and beyond – useful info if you’re considering investment in $EDGE for staking next year.

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You will almost certainly have noticed that the $EDGE token was listed on a new exchange in recent weeks. This is good news for our project for a number of reasons, not least that it improves accessibility to the token for those looking to ‘buy in’ or contribute to Edge Network.

Our listing on MEXC (more details via mexc.com) opens up the $EDGE token to a wider pool of potential holders. Until this moment, Uniswap was the only way to acquire tokens for staking in Edge Network or to hold as a potential investment. We are big fans of Uniswap because it is a decentralised service – very likely the future technology of crypto exchanges we believe – but the transaction costs can be prohibitive to some, especially those holding smaller quantities.

Listing on centralised exchanges such as MEXC, in the short term at least, brings more cost efficiency. This, coupled with the fact that we want to make $EDGE tokens available wherever our potential network contributors hold or trade cryptocurrency, are good reasons why we have plans for many more exchange listings over the coming months.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not selective. $EDGE tokens will only ever be listed with credible exchanges – and we’ve turned down one or two potential partnerships already. It’s important that a level of reliability and quality is maintained for all touchpoints of the Edge Network project.

Alongside plans for upcoming exchange listings, we are also looking at ways to push Edge Network contribution – and by extension token purchase – into the mainstream. Just as we are considering FIAT currency on-ramps for customers of network services, we also want to look at options for contributors to ‘buy in’ to the network using conventional payment methods.

We do, of course, already offer easy conversion to and from $USDC via the XE wallet (find this at wallet.xe.network) and we are open to extending this service. As always, we’ll listen to the community and the data from the growing number of transactions (and token holders) as the project develops, but key for Edge Network is the ability to make the access point for contribution as wide as possible.

An Edge branded card to make payments for products and services online? Plug-and-play Edge hardware shipped to your door, pre-staked and ready to earn revenue from the network? Anything is possible.

One thing is certain: Edge Network is growing fast. The trading volume for the $EDGE token on MEXC was over 900,000 $USDC in the first 24 hours. With the plans for future exchanges and our comprehensive development roadmap, you’ll be in good company if you do decide to join our community of token holders.

Find out more via edge.network today.

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