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Sometimes, in all the noise about the Iinternet’s transformation of the world of publishing and broadcasting, it’s easy to lose sight of the benefits. Amid the disruption caused by the overwhelming (and not always positive) power of social media, many media brands are finding new loyalty and deeper engagement via immersive new digital products.

Social media has its place in marketing content and building audiences, but inside the gates of proprietary websites brands have much more control over user experience. They can develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with users – and if a digital product can provide a premium experience, then the paid content model works.

Premium is about more than editorial. It’s about user experience, from interface design to product performance. This is where Edge Network brings an advantage – and one enjoyed by 70+ media brands already making active use of Edge CDN.

Bauer Media uses our technology to power images and videos across much of its portfolio, from Empire and Grazia to Kiss and Kerrang. Ecohustler – a hybrid media and campaigning website in support of green issues – uses Edge because it is better for the environment.

For Monocle magazine, it’s all about premium: its users saw a 35% increase in performance as a direct result of Edge CDN. This is a major contribution to the luxury experience they have come to expect in both the digital and physical media of the brand.

All these brands are pioneers. They join businesses in ecommerce, high-end fashion, financial services and live events that also use Edge Network. Talk to us about how yours could be next – whichever industry you occupy.

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