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Plant trees, by all means. But do it because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

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Say ‘offset’ and you’re thinking carbon, right? More trees in the ground to excuse whatever damage you still want to do to the environment. But what if you could move your digital services to a network that was more green from the off? One that didn’t demand more leaves to cover its indiscretions?

That’s Edge Network. By storing data on existing devices that have already paid a debt to our environment, it’s a greener alternative to those banks of dedicated servers used by our friends at Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Those devices are often closer to the end consumer of the data, too, so less energy is used to ship your web pages and files.

It doesn’t mean the world needs fewer trees. But it does mean that Edge – unlike traditional cloud services – won’t force you to offset to feel better about your infrastructure decisions.

There is, however, one offset that Edge does promote – and that involves cost. If you are a business with rows of desktop machines that do little each night but sleep, you could offer a substantial contribution to the Edge Network. This turns idle technology into revenue, which you can offset against your cloud services bill.

Think about it. Your business can tell its customers a positive story about greener digital services and take a chunk out of infrastructure costs at the same time.

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