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The tech strategy and philosophy for Edge Network and how all roads lead to DAO.

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Have you been paying close attention to the Edge weekly updates? We’ve delivered nearly 150 of these now and they are the very best source for those looking to understand the pace of development of both the network itself and, by extension, the $EDGE token.

Recently, we talked about community. We announced some new roles for members of our Discord channel and how our path to operating the Edge Network project as a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) is becoming ever clearer.

You may have noticed we also mentioned that the latest version of the Edge Wallet was deployed, marking the moment it became open source. This means that the code is open to the world – it can be inspected by the growing community of developers who are using the technology.

There are several benefits to this approach. Chief among these is a concept we’ve discussed before – transparency – which you can check out here. Edge Network seeks to empower its community, giving it the chance not only to contribute but also to have a say in the direction of the project. And this begins with being open about what we do.

Secondly, being open source means those engineers closest to the project (or, frankly, any engineer that wishes to take part) can suggest improvements to the technology and be rewarded as a result. Successful contributions will earn a badge in Discord and the ‘Code Contributor’ role in the channel too.

Finally, open source is a philosophy. The team behind Edge Network has form here – they have been responsible for more than one successful open source technology project (both content management and CRM) in a history that runs back over decades. We know what we are talking about – and fully understand the benefit of running an ‘open shop’ when it comes to community collaboration on projects.

As a result, we will be more successful. And if we are more successful, you are too. That’s why we are in this after all: to build a fairer internet with revenue shared by everyone. You only have to head back to the very first edition of Conversations on the Edge to hear about that – find it via our YouTube channel or edge.network.

Want to know more about open source and Edge Network? Head to GitHub or the Edge Wiki.

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