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Adam K Dean

Principal Network Engineer

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Adam is a Principal Network Engineer with a background in full stack software development & systems administration, and a keen interest in distributed computing & automation. He has been involved with containerization since 2013 and has participated in numerous community projects including Docker, Deis, and Rancher.

He has extensive experience across a range of relevant disciplines including virtualization, containerization, network topology, as well as common networking protocols such as UDP, TCP, DNS, HTTP, AMQP, and ZMTP. He has a solid understanding of site reliability, having led devops efforts in a high-traffic commercial environment. He is well versed in an array of programming languages, multiple database technologies (SQL/NoSQL), and blockchain technology.

Adam joined Edge after leading development & devops for a major UK retailer.

Winner Best Edge Computing Platform Technology & Innovation Awards 2019
Presented by Juniper Research