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Earning Data Now Available

Founding Nodes have been online for a few months now, and last month they started earning, as they were bought online with live network traffic. From today a breakdown of earnings is available on the dashboards of node owners.

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Earnings for the last period (March) are available now. They are broken out by day in a table within the node dashboard.


This is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version of earning visualisation. We will be enhancing this significantly as we move forward, adding graphs, bringing additional node performance data to the fore and linking to payouts for further exploration.

Payouts are starting to be be processed this week. In support of this we’ve added a “Payout wallet” field to the account section of contributor dashboards. You will need to populate this ahead of payouts.


In time payouts will be controllable directly, giving you the ability to leave earnings to aggregate, or to set a payout schedule to suit your own requirements.

🔗A note on earning performance

Node earnings are looking pretty healthy: an average of 277.0984277 $DADI, which is equal to an annualised return on proof of stake of 66.50%.

It’s early days and of course we expect network revenue and the scale of the network itself to grow, meaning that we will see short term increases in ROI and mid-long term decreases down to the levels indicated in our article discussing network earnings.

🔗Minimum payouts for Founding Nodes

There have been a number of reported issues with the automatic updating process to earlier Founding Nodes which has had the effect of dropping them offline. We’re sending out new SD cards for affected devices this week. We’ve also built in a minimum payment to all Founding Nodes, meaning that your node will be earning at a base level, even if is impacted by the auto update issue.

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