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Over the past few weeks, the TNC team has made extraordinary progress coordinating the listing process with exchanges worldwide. As of today, TNC has confirmed listings on numerous exchanges around the world, including some of the biggest name brand exchanges out there.

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The pressure of lining up so many exchanges in such a short period of time has been immense and the work of the TNC team has been exemplary. We’d like to thank Executive Director Jason and the rest of the team for all their hard work.

Initially the intention was to release tokens on May 10th, however the challenges with regards to coordination with so many exchanges in such a short period of time has pushed timings back a few weeks.

Our primary goal has been to ensure that exchange relationships were secured prior to the distribution of tokens. And whilst it has taken slightly longer than anticipated that goal has now been achieved.

The next stage in the process involves the distribution of TNC to existing holders of the merger company tokens, ahead of the updated release date of June 4th.

This is an intricate and complex process that will involve distribution to thousands of wallets.

Over the course of the coming weeks we will be swapping current $EDGE tokens with $TNC tokens on a first come, first served basis. This process has already commenced, for those who have yet to download the Aladdin Pro wallet and transfer your $EDGE tokens, now is the time to act!

On the 04th of May the first of the vesting periods will unlock. This will be the first 10% of the swapped tokens, with with the full allocation unlocked over ten months at 10% per month. The vesting schedule applies to all holders of TNC.

Ahead of the June 4th release date there are a number of planned trading competitions that have been arranged between TNC and the various exchange partners. Significant investment has been made on this front and the aim is to generate a large amount of interest from the trading public.

As a final note we would once again like to thank the team at TNC for their hard work over the past weeks. We are extremely excited to be a part of the first ever crypto merger.

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