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DADI Launches the World's First Edge Network

That’s ‘Constellation’ to those in the know – our Edge network is now in full public release (bang on schedule).

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We made it. As you know it’s been quite a year for DADI, from crowdsale to dedicated consumer devices and a network connecting nodes across nearly 100 countries. Now, thanks to a Christmas largely ignored by our engineering team, we can now declare our Edge network fully live.

This means alongside the 20 Stargates live across the globe, we now have nodes in approaching 100 countries and the underlying technology which laces our Edge network together is ready for scale production traffic. From today, customers can join a waiting list to make their digital products faster and cheaper by using DADI CDN.

Why the waiting list? This is for the same reason we are taking care to onboard nodes at a controlled pace. Adding customers to the Edge network at a rate matched to the speed at which it scales is vital for optimal balance in terms of network performance and economics. Too many clients will affect capacity, too many nodes will limit earnings for contributors – we have spent many hours in planning to make sure our new product scales perfectly during 2019.

So if you are an engineer or enterprise organisation with a digital product ready to improve efficiency, sign up via and take your place in the queue. We’ll be opening up accounts to onboard in batches as they reach the front of the line – and those who refer friends and colleagues to the list will be given priority for access.

And even though we near the end of the festive season, let’s raise a quick glass to Arthur Mingard, Adam K Dean, Meher Assel, James Lambie and the rest of the DADI team for the big push in 2018 that made this happen. Onwards!

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