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Exploring the Edge

The explorer for the Edge network provides a high level of insight in to the network, enabling network traversal and node interrogation as well as a top-level view of network performance. The data design of the explorer is focused on transparency, exposing key network metrics and plotting them over time.

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As we move towards to first full public beta of the explorer, we wanted to take a moment to share the front end design with you:





The top level of the explorer provides a geographical map of the network and connectivity between nodes; insight in to network load; a breakdown of network size by node type; the amount of compute units, Edge storage and Edge cache available; a breakdown of network revenues, including contributions to the DADI Foundation, staking levels and token value; insight in to network bandwidth and traffic; a breakdown of memory use across the network; insight in to TCP connections; the charting of devices online; and a searchable breakout of individuals nodes.

Individual node pages provide insight in to node uptime; a measure of node reputation; a geographical map of the node and the masternodes to which it is connected; insight in to node load; details as to the capacity that the node is contributing to the network; insight in to the nodes platform and the versions of the network software being run; earnings for the node and their staking status and level; a breakout of the masternodes that they are connected to; insight in to traffic to and from the node; insight in to the amount and type of storage being used; and a searchable breakout of their nearest peers.

In terms of the current status of the explorer, the internal beta has been finished and the front end design is nearing completion. Over the next two weeks we will be bringing these together as we work towards the first public release.

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