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Running a blockchain project? Want to host for free on Edge Network? Soon we launch our campaign to support crypto and web3 businesses.

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The future of the cloud – as our website likes to say – is Edge. And what do we mean by that? We mean that the technology of Edge Network will be the backbone that powers digital services in the decades to come. It’s why we’re building it – and why we believe that contributors who join us by staking Edge tokens will prosper.

Woven through that belief is a proven faith in blockchain technology… full stop. Blockchain facilitates much of what makes the network fair: it transparently calculates the data stored by customers and how much contributors earn as a result. It also helps manage governance on the network – those who stake $EDGE tokens in the network will be able to help run it, by making suggestions or participating in votes.

It’s potential like this that makes Edge Network a supporter of blockchain projects beyond our own. We use the hashtag ‘tech for good’ in social media because Edge Network supports concepts like fair distribution of wealth and opportunity – and the world of blockchain is littered with examples of this kind of work.

To reward this – and as part of our active contribution to the blockchain community – Edge is planning a programme called ‘On the Edge’ to host any new or emerging crypto projects for free. That means if you run a project using blockchain technology, you could be eligible for free hosting for your website or digital product.

Look out for full details in our announcement in the coming weeks – or if you want to get to the very front of the queue, reach out via our contact page. Alternatively, find one of our team in our communities on Twitter or Discord and they will point you in the right direction for a conversation.

And if you’re not one of the 118,000 already signed up to receive our email newsletters, do so today via our homepage and you won’t miss a single drop of Edge Network news.

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