Introducing Edge Console

We are excited to announce the initial release of Edge Console, the successor to My Edge and the first stage in a comprehensive upgrade of our web apps.

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You may have already discovered it, having been redirected from My Edge, but if not, you can access it by heading here:

You can sign in as usual, using your existing email and password (and 2FA if enabled).

This release marks an exciting new chapter in the development of our web apps, and sets us up to be able to deliver updates faster and more efficiently than ever before. Edge Console represents the tip of a spear that includes a whole host of infrastructure improvements behind the scenes. This includes improvements to the process by which we build, deliver and manage essential network support services; and the migration of the network database and accompanying Network API to this new platform. All of this work has been done without interruption to mainnet.


The intrepid code explorers among you may have noticed that we’re using Nuxt.js — a Vue.js framework. We’ve built a Nuxt.js based framework from the ground up which will power this and future web apps, such as the Edge Explorer. While the first version of Edge Console has been a like for like redevelopment of My Edge, by using Nuxt.js and building for the future, we’re going to be able to bring you more updates, more often. Over the coming weeks you will notice changes here and there, as we continue to respond to feedback and improve the user experience.


In addition to this, we’re working on the next milestone — Content Distribution paid tiers, all managed through Edge Console. There are still lots of other things in the works as well, like automated onboarding for contributors, stake management for those who wish to migrate devices, and further down the line, a spangly new Edge Explorer built using the same framework as Edge Console.

Now, I think among you there are a few data nerds like me. And data nerds like me like numbers. So let’s take a look at some numbers. At the time of release, Edge Console is comprised of 504 commits, including 94 supporting commits in the new Network API. There have been 199 builds of Edge Console, and 171 deployments to development. Plus it is estimated over 482 cups of tea were consumed during the development of Edge Console. I expect many more will be consumed in the coming months.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy Edge Console.

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