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DADI Publish: now in full public release

Our content management application leaps out of beta – but the development doesn’t stop here

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Today represents another milestone for DADI – the very CMS we are using to type these words onto this website has reached full public release.

DADI Publish is the application in our stack which works in tandem with DADI API to deliver content to around 200 websites worldwide, but until now has been available for open source release in beta format alone.


Version 2.0 adds the finishing touches to image upload functionality in our editing interface plus some search and filtering optimisation, features previously available only to clients of DADI such as Empire Online or Grazia magazine – and we’ve a busy roadmap for 2019 to add myriad further features.


Now any developer can set up Publish to run with DADI API in minutes (or less) and make use of cutting edge, API-first content management for digital products ranging from editorial sites to retail destinations.

Publish is flexible enough to tear chunks from your editorial workflow, saving time and money in content production. It can also be used to manage several digital products from a single content source, killing duplication of effort between managing your apps and websites.


Unlike competitors such as Drupal and Wordpress it doesn’t force you to fold your product requirements into cookie cutter templates – instead DADI technology works in support of the shape of your business.

Interested? Find out more via our product page or dive straight into documentation. Want some help (re)building your product? Contact us.


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