Comprehensive DDoS Protection

Edge has built in mitigation against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks to maintain the performance and availability of your apps.

Secure at Every Level

Denial of Service attacks continue to escalate in scope, becoming ever more distributed, with growing volumes of traffic. Attacks increase your cost and impact your revenues, customer experience and brand.

Edge’s layered approach to security effectively defends against DDoS attacks, preventing disruption to your core services, and keeping your apps online

Secure at Every Level

Mitigation Approach

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Correctly identifying attacks and attack patterns is to avoid incorrectly restricting or impacting customer experience.

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Automatically absorbing, sinkholing and dropping malicious traffic to combat the attack at the top level of the network.

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Utilizing the decentralized nature of the network to break traffic into smaller chunks for distribution at the edge.

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Analysing and responding to attack patterns as they emerge to further strengthen the response and learn for the future.

Network Security

Geographically Distributed Protection

DDoS mitigation is present within every region in the network, and operational at both Stargate and gateway level.

Multi Layer Protection

'Always-on', dedicated and clean inbound connectivity attached to scrubbing centers, provided by our DC partners.

Strategic Rerouting

The architecture of the network identifies and redirects attacks into strategic sinkholes, neutralising their impact.

Network Scale and Flexibility

The larger the network becomes, the more effective its DDoS mitigation becomes, building at-scale absorption capability.

Global reach

Global Reach

Edge is a fully decentralized network, built through contributions of computing power from all over the world.

About Global Reach


The world’s first edge network, built using the spare computing capacity all around us.

About Edge Architecture


Telemetry built in at every level, bringing accountability and auditability to every transaction in the network.

About Edge Monitoring


Secure by design – all SSL and utilizing state of the art cryptography. Edge offers a level of security unmatched in market.

About Edge Security
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