Edge DNS is a highly scalable Domain Name System (DNS) service, designed to give businesses and developers a reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications.

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Industry Leading Routing Performance

Powered by a worldwide anycast network built in to the core of Edge platform and operational in 20+ countries, Edge DNS operates at lightning speeds ensuring incredibly fast resolution times and low latency for your apps.

Real time propagation
Traditional DNS update times: 24 hours
Edge DNS update times: 60 seconds
DNS - Industry leading routing performance

Advanced DNS Functionality

Edge DNS comes with an advanced feature set including geo-detection for global routing, DNS weighting and complete control of your TTL.

DNS - Advanced DNS functionality

Redundancy and Security as Standard

Redundancy and optimization

Redundancy and Optimization

DNS queries are serviced by every master node in the network, meaning that there is no single point of failure and a near infinite number of routes available.

Built in failover

Built in Failover

Intelligent traffic management ensures seamless handoff and removes DNS bottlenecks and downtime.

Platform-wide DDoS protection

Platform-Wide DDoS Protection

DDoS mitigation technology is built in to the core of the network, providing a shield for your applications from malicious attacks.

Platform-wide DDoS protection

Guaranteed Uptime

Edge DNS comes with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Simple, Predictable Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Simple, predictable and affordable pricing means that you never have to worry about your monthly bill.

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Advanced Control

Edge DNS is API-backed, giving you fine grained control, and making integration with your apps simple.

Advanced Control

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