Predictable, Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Full control of costs with flat pricing regardless of region and the ability to set usage caps. Pay based on compute, storage and bandwidth usage.

Content Delivery

Content Delivery is available as a subscription service that scales as you grow. Simple, low cost pricing with no hidden extras.


PlanRequestsData TransferVariable TTLCache Pre-WarmingPrice
Free20,00025.00 GB  No charge
Developer2,500,000250.00 GB  $ 25.00 / month
Startup50,000,0002.50 TBYes $ 199.00 / month
Growth250,000,00010.00 TBYesYes$ 499.00 / month
Business500,000,00050.00 TBYesYes$1,299.00 / month
Enterprise500,000,000+50.00 TB+YesYesPrice available on request

Edge Storage

Edge storage is priced per GB of storage used. Simple and predictable pricing that includes data redundancy and security as standard, regardless of region or use.

Object storage

First terabyte (TB) / month$0.01$0.009
Next nine TB / month$0.009$0.008
Over 10 TB / month$0.008$0.007


First terabyte (TB) / month$0.06$0.05
Next nine TB / month$0.05$0.04
Over 10 TB / month$0.04$0.03
* Hot refers to recently/frequently accessed files; cool refers to irregularly accessed files


DNS is charged per million lookups and per zone, with the first million queries and your first zone provided free of charge.

DNS zones

Up to 25$0.35 per zone per month
Additional zones$0.05 per zone per month

DNS queries

1 millionFree
First billion DNS queries$0.25 per million/month
Additional queries$0.15 per million/month

Edge Compute

An edge compute unit is a unit of power within a single device in the network. They are virtual machines with a healthy amount of RAM, capable of running a wide array of applications, from APIs to websites and blogs.

Standard compute units

UnitCPUMemoryPrice per unit
Edge compute #11.4GHz 64-bit quad core processor1GB$5/mo $0.007/hr
* More unit types coming soon, including GPU-optimized edge units
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