Network Telemetry

Built in to every network node, Edge telemetry provides deep insight into the performance of the network at all levels, making the data explorable and actionable.

Node Level Monitoring

Edge telemetry monitors individual device utilization (CPU, memory, disk space, bandwidth), and the performance of individual applications and task execution within the device. Capable of detecting device failure, the telemetry service also feeds back performance to node owners.

Node level monitoring

Fluid Service Distribution

Telemetry data is utilized at the top level of the network to enable service routing based on end user demand, enabling the deployment of apps on the basis of use in near real time, rather than predicted use. This optimizes device use and removes the need for redundant capacity for individual apps in the network.

Fluid service distribution

Building Consensus

Edge telemetry is used to confirm that individual devices contributed to the network are capable of the performance that they self-report. This helps to secure the network from bad actors.

Building consensus

Network Exploration

The data collated by the telemetry service is made available through a network explorer, and to customers for application performance monitoring within their secure dashboards.

Network exploration
Global reach

Global Reach

Edge is a fully decentralized network, built through contributions of computing power from all over the world.

About Global Reach


The world’s first edge network, built using the spare computing capacity all around us.

About Edge Architecture

DDoS Protection

Built in mitigation against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks to maintain the performance and availability of your apps.

About DDoS Protection


Secure by design – all SSL and utilizing state of the art cryptography. Edge offers a level of security unmatched in market.

About Edge Security
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