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Microsoft’s Sinking Technology

Looking for greener cloud services? The solution is not a drop in the ocean – it’s in homes and offices all around us.

This morning Microsoft announced Project Natick – an attempt to make data centres greener by submerging them under water.


It’s a costly experiment that has sunk a white cylinder packed with servers just off the coast of Orkney with the hope water will satisfy the need to keep the machines cool without the expensive systems used in conventional warehouse farms.

We have just one question: why? If you are looking for efficiency for cost and environment, why drown expensive dedicated kit in the ocean when there’s a wealth of unused data storage in homes and offices across the globe?

This is a key benefit (and much of the motivation) behind DADI technology – built to harness spare computing power found in domestic devices such as laptops. In addition to the performance and cost benefits of a distributed network built on blockchain, DADI leverages devices already manufactured and in use – saving not only damage to the environment for building massive server farms, but additionally, it seems, the cost of hiding them in the sea.

We also imagine a small node in your living room will be easier to service than one bolted inside a sealed metal tube and surrounded by marine life…

For more information on the DADI network, head this way.

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