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Roadmap Update 2019–20: Sneak Peek

As we close out the end of the first year post-crowdsale, we have been putting the finishing touches on our roadmaps for 2019-20.

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The roadmap updates are now complete and will be published on site in full next week.

Some of the detail has been shared this week, particularly pertaining to the underlying services in the network. The main areas of focus are outlined below, provided as a sneak preview for our community.

In no particular order…

🔗Network explorer


* Screenshot shows the beta interface

The Edge network explorer visualises and monitors the performance of Hosts, Gateways, Stargates. The explorer has been in Beta internally for a few months now, and will be moved to a public footing in the coming weeks.

Expected end of Q1/Q2

🔗Node dashboards

A trimmed down version of the Network explorer which is embedded in the user account page and allows visualization and monitoring of a user’s connected devices.

First release expected: Q2

🔗Earnings and payout visualization

Originally scheduled for Q4 2018, earnings and payout visualization was moved back to allow for a longer period of testing with the Founding Node estate.

Expected Q2


Starting with Linux and rolling out to other operating systems, self-onboarding enables the addition of a wide variety of machines to the Edge network.

We’re working to ensure security in self-onboarding nodes, which is not a trivial task. The distribution has been usable in a Linux environment for many months now, but will only be released once we are happy that it doesn’t pose a security risk to the network.

First package expected Q1/Q2

🔗Edge storage

Originally known as DADI Store, Edge storage provides two forms of object storage within the network, enabling individuals and business to build storage backed services and to distribute their content with ease.

🔗Long term object storage


Long-term object storage. Edge storage distributes your files over multiple devices, providing a level of security and redundancy unmatched in market. Accessible and addressable by applications in the network.

Access to Edge storage is via an API and via the command line, and can be addressed directly by applications deployed to Edge compute units. In addition a set of user interfaces will be made available in browser, allowing for the browsing and management of files.

Public release expected: end of Q1/Q2

🔗Short term cache


Short term object caching. Edge caching acts like a content delivery network, providing a high performance delivery solution for the offsetting of load. Cached objects follow user demand in real time, delivering from inside a users local network for the fastest possible response time.

Objects in the short term cache are accessible via HTTPS, meaning that it can be used directly as a base-level CDN, and can also be used to cache and deliver full websites, providing a fast and extremely cost effective hosting solution.

Public release expected: Q2

🔗Edge embedded


We are pleased to able to announce Edge embedded. Edge embedded is an extremely lightweight binary image of Host, designed specifically for use in embedded devices such as wifi routers and set top boxes. Edge embedded is a non-staking, non-earning node, intended for use by existing infrastructure companies.

Full announcement coming soon. Public release expected: Q4

🔗Edge compute units


Like a virtual machine, but hyper localized. DADI’s containerized application layer enables you to distribute your applications like never before, with a real-time distribution matrix that automatically deploys and scales based on demand.

The compute layer in the Edge network is currently live and in production running DADI CDN in the network. Opening up the compute layer and providing support for standard container deployment represents the largest item in our roadmap for the next 12 months.

Expect Q4 2019/Q1 2020

🔗Publish enhancements


The beautiful and intuitive interfaces in our CMS solution are being extended once again after several months of heavy production use. Improvements include an update to the search functionality across all collections, searching the media library, and the ability to apply image manipulation parameters directly to images in documents.

Expected Q2/Q3

🔗Network rentals

As part of our commitment to full-decentralization, we will be making the Stargates and Gateways in the network backbone directly available for rent either in full or in part. Renting devices in the backbone helps to ensure network stability and provides access to network revenue without needing to ensure device uptime and performance yourself.

Expected Q3/Q4

🔗Public dApp marketplace

The marketplace will be the home for third party dApps and services built on the network. As a developer, you will be able to list and sell your applications within the marketplace as one-click containerized deployments.

The first marketplace deployment is CDN, which is available for use today.

Expected Q4 2019/Q1 2020

🔗Secret sauce

In addition to all of the above there’s a bunch of “behind the scenes” initiatives that we are rather frustratingly not in a position to be able to talk about yet. As soon as this changes you will be amongst the first to know. Trust us, they’re awesome.

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