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The latest iteration of the project roadmaps for Edge Network have been published to the Community Wiki, providing a guide to the current and upcoming development focus for the platform.

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The roadmap is high level and deliberately low resolution. Individual work streams have their own development schedules and lists, which are maintained alongside code in Github.

Key milestones for the rest of 2021 include:

The addition of “Sell” functionality to the Wallet. This functionality introduces a lightweight exchange function, enabling $XE holders to sell their coins directly to the project in return for USDT. This removes the higher cost of Uniswap from smaller transactions, benefiting both the holder and the project.

Explorer Wallet Index. An enhancement to the Wallet that will expose active wallets in the network and show the largest holders, making them directly explorable.

On-Chain Staking. Staking of devices within the network is moving to the network’s blockchain, tying stakes to devices directly and automating the process entirely on-chain using a new transaction type.

Public Testnet for Network V2. Version 2 of the Edge Network has been in development for some time, building on the knowledge gained over the last three years of development to deliver a major update that puts the blockchain at the heart of the platform. The first release of V2 will be in the form of a public testnet, which will run under the domain.

Mainnet Device Onboarding & Migration. The mainnet for V2 will be released in stages. The first release will enable device onboarding. The release will include the automated migration of the hundreds of network nodes currently powering V1.

VPS Public Beta. Moving Virtual Private Servers in the network out of private beta, this will allow anyone with the requisit $XE to launch and run a VPS in the anonymous space, using just a wallet private key.

XE iOS and Android Wallet. The mobile wallet for XE brings bridging functionality and the ability to buy and sell $XE directly to mobile devices. It will include multi wallet support as well as support for Ethereum wallets.

As we move towards community governance the team have also opened a #BUIDL channel in Discord, which invites input and ideas from the community. Once live governance will enable participation in the decision making process around project priorities, and will open the floor to proposals from any one that holds an active stake in the project.

Alongside the technical schedule there are project priorities that the core team are working towards, and that inform day to day decisions.

These include moving the project to a full open source footing; moving to full decentralisation in all areas of the network stack; preferencing anonymity and privacy; and deeply embedding community governance throughout the project’s organisational structures.

2021 is packed with developments, and 2022 is looking even more exciting.

You can check out the full roadmap here:

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