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Edge Network uses your private devices to store its data – and that’s what makes it more secure than the traditional cloud.

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Why is Edge Network different? You must know this by now – it uses devices all around us to host the Internet, rather than the massive, dedicated server farms of Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

That means we make room for our customers’ data on your laptops, your mobile phones and your desktop PCs. In time, we’ll introduce more private devices too.

Why? Because hardware reuse is better for the environment. Because hosting the Internet on a machine in your town demands less energy – and time – to deliver data to wherever you are. It’s faster, cheaper and greener than traditional cloud services.

But – so some of the conversations with potential Edge Network customers go – ‘if I store my data on millions of privately owned machines, how do I know it is safe?’

The answer is as simple as it is clever. Edge encrypts data, chops it into myriad little segments and spreads it all over the network. This means that even if you did want to ‘break in’ and steal customer data, not only would you need to know exactly which combination of machines to attack – but also exactly where in the world they are.

Add to this industry-beating protection against denial of service attacks and secure DNS to remove the potential for eavesdropping and manipulation, and you have a next-generation network ready to make your digital business greener and faster overnight without any compromise on security.

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