So What Is Object Storage, Anyway?

A deeper dive into just one of the applications offered by Edge Network – waitlist for new customers now open.

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How does your company store and share files? Dropbox? Google Drive? We spend a lot of time on Conversations on the Edge talking about web hosting – that Edge Network can provide a faster and greener alternative to the traditional cloud – and the same is true for file storage.

Object Storage is the application provided by Edge Network to take care of this. It allows customers an easy-to-use interface for uploading files for storage, back up or sharing between teams.

Files are encrypted and split into hundreds of pieces, and are then distributed across the network. This approach ensures the security of your data – encryption keys are under your control, and no complete file is stored on any single device.

The fact that every fragment of every file is stored in multiple locations also builds in redundancy. By its nature, Edge is a more reliable place to store your documents – and this is backed up by industry-standard systems to help with data recovery in the unlikely event of any loss.

The service is faster, too. Just as with our CDN service, assets are stored on devices in close proximity to where users require access. This reduces the distance that data needs to travel and therefore reduces the time it takes to upload or download. Less energy is used too, so Edge Object Storage is a greener alternative to traditional services.

On top of all this, Object Storage is significantly more cost effective. We may sound a bit like a stuck record, but once again Edge Network offers your business the opportunity to upgrade your digital services to a faster and cheaper alternative that’s also better for the environment. And for your customers, too.

The waitlist to use Object Storage is now open. Join us and be one of the first to benefit from moving your file storage to Web3 – the decentralised, next-generation Internet.

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