The Cloud Is Not Enough

We’re on the cusp of unprecedented demand for data storage and traditional infrastructure just won’t cut it.

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Remember the dial-up days? For those of you blessed only to have experienced ‘modern’ internet connectivity, these were the dark ages of a single machine for each lucky household that would whirr and whine its way onto the ‘information superhighway’ – with time for coffee between page loads.

Offices may have had a lonely, shared computer sat in the corner; its only friend a tired fax machine, spewing paper across the desk in a desperate attempt to stay relevant as the new digital age beckoned.

But faxes would soldier on at least until data wires were wide enough to feed every machine in the room. Then wifi untangled us from cables. The world wide web found its way to mobile phones. Homes, offices, streets and cars filled with connected devices each hungry for kilobytes to turn into pixels for human consumption.

And now? 5G is about to usher in another connectivity revolution. But even with this paradigm expansion, we’re barely even finishing the prologue – let alone the first chapter – of the story of the internet.

There are already more connected devices on the planet than people. By 2023, 70% of cars will likely be networked. Estimates suggest the ‘internet of things’ will push the world past 40 billion machines harvesting data from servers laced together to form the infrastructure we call ‘the cloud’.

Those server farms right now are like the lonely fax machines of old. There’s life in them yet, but the change they face is inevitable. The world needs a solution for its data storage that grows exponentially with the new devices flooding the network designed to support it – and that means Edge technology.

Edge Network harnesses spare capacity in phones, laptops, set top boxes – ultimately any connected device with storage to spare – rather than relying on factories filled with old boxes, sweating under the fans of air conditioning to keep them cool. It means the internet is all around us and that almost every one of the new devices that connects brings with it the opportunity to expand the capacity of the cloud.

Only by placing the future of our digital infrastructure in the hands of Edge technology do we secure its potential. By bringing your business to Edge, you’ll benefit from faster and more efficient, scalable technology – and by offering up your spare capacity you can turn existing hardware into revenue.

Join us and be part of the future of the cloud.

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