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Edge could save you up to 90% on your digital infrastructure. Think about that next time you pay your bill.

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How much did it cost to send you this web page? Every time you so much as move on the Internet, someone profits from your action – and in almost half of all cases that will be Google, Amazon or Microsoft.

Edge Network is designed to share revenue from digital infrastructure services. It does this by allowing everyone to contribute – using everyday devices in the home or office – and to get paid for the server space they provide.

But this technology doesn’t only benefit the individual. It’s good for businesses too – companies with buildings the world over filled with machines that lay idle overnight and at weekends, each with Edge potential.

Think about that for a moment.

Every one of the desktop PCs at your office could be a revenue earner. Each could contribute to the very network that powers your digital products, bringing an offset against your hosting bill and improving your bottom line.

By placing the internet all around us, Edge is also more efficient. It costs less to send and receive those web pages, assets or files simply because they don’t have to travel as far. That makes Edge less expensive still than the big three providers – by our calculation up to 90% cheaper overall.

Contact us for a conversation about how Edge can bring real cost savings to your business. We are onboarding pioneering clients now, each following in the footsteps of global media companies and ecommerce brands already using our technology.

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