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‘Tech for good’ isn’t only about code – it’s a code of practice. And it starts by being open about our mission.

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There are two ways of looking at Edge Network: you can either consider the hundreds of thousands of lines of artfully written code, or you can think of it as ‘people’. Edge, in simple terms at least, is a framework to connect together millions of private laptops, computers or mobile phones to create a network big enough to power the Internet.

Those millions of people will each own a slice of a new cloud infrastructure that’s greener, faster and fairer than the traditional technology provided by the server farms of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Edge Network will bring people together, empowering them to change the way digital services work by sharing the revenue we all generate from everything we do online.

This is why we say Edge is ‘technology for good’. It is not an ‘old power’ organisation with a traditional leadership structure that exists to line the pockets of the few. It is not closed, inaccessible, and leader-driven.

Instead, Edge follows a ‘new power’ model. It empowers the crowd, giving them the chance not only to contribute but also to have a say in the direction of the project. Our roadmap will allow users to actively help shape the future of the project – a vital feature of the platform and a key reason why it uses blockchain technology.

(You can, by the way, hear more about this by listening to Episode 13 of Conversations on the Edge, where we talk about how blockchain is used in Edge Network.)

But back to this week. By giving power to the crowd – by giving them a degree of ownership and a voice in how we work – Edge Network becomes a movement. We earn the support of our members by being transparent and responsive.

It’s the natural continuation of a spirit of openness woven into the DNA of our project since its inception three years ago. It’s the reason we’ve delivered a weekly report to our supporters EVERY WEEK for more than 130 weeks. It’s the reason Edge Network is one of the most exciting projects in crypto.

If you’re not one of the tens of thousands already signed up to receive our email newsletters, do so today via or Twitter. And remember, our team is available 24/7 on Discord and Twitter to answer any questions you may have. They, as much as you, are among the people that make our technology.

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