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Introducing the DADI Foundation

A new, independent non-profit organisation backed by DADI – and funded by every transaction on the DADI network


UPDATE: Join DADI Foundation CEO Jennifer Martin-Nye for an Q&A across Telegram, Discord and Reddit on Friday 6 July at 2pm UTC.

If you’re in the habit of scrolling to the bottom of web pages you’ll have noticed a message on proudly calling out our support of the DADI Foundation.

This is a new, non-profit organisation set up as a natural extension of our work to democratise the internet. It operates independently from the rest of the DADI business and provides a range of research, education and grants to ensure that technology is embedded as a key tool for advancing human rights globally, accessible wherever it is needed to promote basic rights, and developed with the protection of human rights as a core principle.

Jennifer Martin-Nye is Chief Executive of the DADI Foundation, and a former human rights advisor to the People’s Postcode Lottery/Novamedia – the world’s third largest private charitable donor.

“There is growing evidence that we need to reframe technology’s role in a world with an increasingly unequal distribution of wealth and power,” she said at the launch of the foundation.

“We look forward to addressing that challenge by using technology in a proactive, positive way – helping the tech industry and human rights sector to tackle root causes of injustice, and bridging the gap between technological expertise and human rights activism.”

The foundation’s first grant will be the Challenge Award – a £10,000 award for a project harnessing technology to support democracy. It will be open to small charities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and new projects that support or develop robust and inclusive democracies.

The award will also provide the project with a combination of world-class technical expertise, project management guidance, mentorship and ongoing support to ensure sustainability and scalability.

Find more details of the DADI Foundation and the Challenge Award (plus how you can help) at

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