Managing Stakes with Edge CLI

Two weeks ago we told you about the integrated staking system that we’ve been working on over the past month or so, since the initial version of Console was released. Today we’re happy to release the first version of stake management, which you can access via the latest version of Edge CLI.

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For some time now, we’ve onboarded Hosts onto the network manually, and sometimes it has taken a little while to process the backlog, especially when we have a surge of new devices. This is no longer the case. You’re now able to register and start a device in the time it takes an Ethereum transfer to process.

🔗Getting started

To give you an idea of how easy the new process is, let’s start by creating a stake.

$ edge-cli stake list
ID                         Device         Verified         Unique Amount

$ edge-cli stake new
Stake 5e61333e578f6400126d14ad created. Use 'edge-cli stake list' to see your stakes
Please send 5000.001410140287 $EDGE to 0x370f4d7625c10499bbb9353F3E91f83A0b750BEc
For help, please visit for a video tutorial

$ edge-cli stake list
ID                         Device         Verified         Unique Amount
5e613289578f6400126d14ac   none           No               5000.001305243441

Next up it’s time to fund our new stake, so following the instructions, I’ll now send 5000.001305243441 $EDGE to 0x370f4d7625c10499bbb9353F3E91f83A0b750BEc.

$ edge-cli stake list
ID                         Device         Verified         Unique Amount
5e613289578f6400126d14ac   none           Yes              5000.001305243441

You can then easily assign it to a device, either when registering a device.

$ edge-cli register
Successfully registered device "shining-example" (f4eb949d-58bf-4781-ba53-6da9dbea0862)
✔ Use existing stake
? Please select the stake to use for this device:
  ▸ 5e613289578f6400126d14ac    5000.001305243441        Verified (unassigned)

$ edge-cli stake list
ID                         Device                          Verified         Unique Amount
5e613289578f6400126d14ac   shining-example (this device)   Yes              5000.001305243441

Then it’s as simple as running the start command.

$ edge-cli start
Successfully started device "shining-example"

🔗Console v1.1.0

In addition to using Edge CLI to manage your stakes, you’ll also be able view your stakes within Console on the new Stakes page. In time, you’ll also be able to create and manage your stakes here too. But that’s not all, there are a number of other changes released with the new version of Console, including the ability to edit your Content Delivery deployments.

To see more, take a look at the new Changelog) page in Console.

🔗Processing Legacy Stakes

If you’ve already sent stakes manually, these won’t appear right away. We’re working hard to process these legacy stakes, and over the next few weeks you should see them start to appear in your account. If you don’t see yours right away, don’t worry, it’ll appear in time.

🔗Video tutorial

For a more in depth tutorial, please take a look at this video tutorial:

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