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Weekly Update: 03rd May, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, we are now providing weekly updates to our community, drawn from internal all-team updates. This is the eighth of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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We had an AMA today (the transcript of which will be shared shortly), so today’s weekly wrap is short and sweet.

Jean-Luc has delivered a site on our stack in the network support of the PPA, which launching at their festival in London next week.

On which the team finished planning the content for the talks we are giving next week, covering blockchain, content management and AI for publishers.

Josh and Paul Davis have moved the mobile app that’s being built on our stack on a bunch, with the first full build now in testing. It’s working well.

Chris met with a couple of startups about the use of our technology in the build of their platforms. He also dropped a couple of Founding Nodes off to colleagues in Italy.

Eduardo has been full throttle migrating Publish to React to better align it with a broader dev community and to open up the potential for easier integrations with existing plugins that should help to kickstart new and enhanced functionality.

The branding refresh I mentioned last week has come on leaps and bounds – we’ve settled on a route and I hope to be sharing it with you in the coming few weeks.

Testing completed on the sign in functionality for Ecohustler, which will be launching soon.

This was a week of planning for the networking team in the main, but the guys did complete work on the VPC hopping solution for Hosts within the multi-DC setup that I spoke about last week.

Meher’s almost finished a build of the telemetry service for the network in Go, which brings new functionality and efficiencies to the fore, and which we hope to roll out next week.

Adam completed a remote update system for Stargate, which allows us to update the config automatically, including giving us remote control of the BGP system which is now deployed as a container in the application - enhancing security and hugely improving efficiency.

And finally we moved a step closer to the release of API 5.0, which includes a tonne of changes.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend 🙏

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