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Weekly Update: 05th April, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, we are now providing weekly updates to our community, drawn from internal all-team updates. This is the fifth of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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So much going on here and so much positivity and progress, it’s hard to keep track of it all. Here are some highlights for the week.

A well respected industry magazine has selected CDN as a “top CDN to watch in 2019”, which is nice. We’ll be able to talk about this when they publish.

We’ve been hard at work developing the architecture for a new core network service, which we plan to be releasing in Q3/Q4. More details soon.

I met with one of the world’s largest CMS providers to discuss the potential for a strategic relationship that would see them move portions of their stack to our network. It’s very early days, but there is a lot of scope for a mutually beneficial relationship.

In case you missed it, here’s the transcript of our last AMA:

The first build of the network explorer went live:


…and you can read all about it here:

We will be extending the explorer as additional telemetry points become available. We also plan to open up a public API for the network, which will enable anyone to build their own tools for the consumption and visualisation of network-level data – all part of our commitment to building a transparent platform. On which, Adam and co have made a tonne of progress with enhancing telemetry, collecting device device level data and building the public API. This shapes the data based on request parameters, enabling time based queries that scale according to duration.

Adam, Arthur and Eduardo will be writing about this stuff next week.

The first payouts for Founding Nodes have been calculated and are ready to be processed. You will see payouts by day for March in your dashboards on Monday afternoon.

Payouts will be made to your payout wallets early next week. (You will be able to configure this in the interface when the visualisation goes live on Monday.) In the first instance this is a process being run by the team, but it will be fully automated soon.

Around 42,000 $DADI has been generated on the back of POW by Founding Nodes in March. It’s very early days, but the average annualised ROI against POS currently stands at 5.54% (which is just under 8% of capacity). Not a bad start. And we expect this to be increasing significantly in the coming months.

For those nodes that have been reporting offline and have an issue with their SD, we’re going be to making a base payment for being part of the Founding Node programme. And as a thank you for sticking with us we’ll be shipping out some other goodies along with the remaining replacement SDs next week.


We published a detailed technical article on the finite state machine in the network, which you can read here:

We’re going to be open sourcing the code for this portion of the network later this month.

And we’ll be following that up with a code quality review by a trusted third party.

The ecology focused customer I mentioned a couple of weeks back have now finished the rebuild of their site on our tech. That’s end to end in a little under six weeks. Which is incredible by any measure. It goes live on the network next week, and we’ll be talking about it in more detail too.

We’ve been trialing significant levels of live traffic in the network this week for one of our most important customers. This topped 1,000 concurrent requests today, which is quite a milestone.

The publishing association mentioned last week will be moving to our stack in the coming month. We’re also going to be speaking at their conference in May. More information on this soon.

We have selected an additional 50 individuals who will be receiving the remaining Founding Nodes. These will be shipped in the next few weeks.

I’m a little behind in writing to you all, but will do so this weekend/early next week.

Finally today is Dave Longworth’s last day with DADI. He joined us approximately forever ago, and as our Design Director has had a central role in the direction of our technology from a user experience perspective. He has handed over the reigns to Ravi Chandwani, a senior Design Director with ~20 years experience who I have been working with off and on for most of my career. Ravi has worked with hundreds of the world’s leading brands, and is a leading light in branding and illustration.

His first job with us is focused on a brand refresh, which we will be showcasing to the community in the coming months. You can see some examples of his work here:

And that’s it! Enjoy your weekends X

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