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Weekly Update: 05th July, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our CEO writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 17th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Today’s update is going to be short and sweet, as we’re mostly head down building in support of the major update to mainnet next week.

The network team completed the mammoth task of configuring the deployment scripts for the update.

This includes the completion of the final parts of the network-sync scripts.

The network explorer was updated to patch the duplication issues that we have been seeing. A further build has been created with our new brand and fonts in place, ready to go live along with our new site.

We’ve completed and released updates to Agent and Host which are fully compatible with the new Vault ACL policies. This includes a refactored service package which dramatically reduces the amount of data to be written to Consul.

Stargate and Gateway have been upgraded with a new service package which fixes a bug with the service de-registration routine (which had caused orphaned services after reboot), and added vault configurations to the Jenkins deployment scripts.

API is being refactored to store collection schemas in the database, which will enable the creation and modification of collections directly within our interfaces, which is a critical step as we move towards a full SaaS proposition for our web services.

This work is now 80% done.

A list-type field for the interfaces is also in progress (see:, which is in final stages of development and should be rolled in early next week.

Ravi and his team have been flat out on the Edge brand update, rolling content updates through the new site, applying the brand to the explorer and working through supporting collateral. It’s looking awesome.

I had planned to show you the work this week, but have decided to hold it back a few days to allow time to build out a page in support of the brand itself (rather than show you internal brand guidelines in documents).

This will be ready next week, and will be made available on

We made significant progress migrating an existing customer’s data layer to API, which is a big step toward full migration to the network.

Tiipr is on target for being dev complete w/c 15th July, at which point we will start live testing in the network. The team there is expecting to go live with an MVP in August. I’ll let you know when it’s available to play with.

Our relationship with the PPA has led to a number of new leads. We have confirmed the dates and attendees for the product workshops that we will running with them in the coming months.

We started early stage discussions with a new partner, which should open up a good sales channel for network services.

We confirmed our attendance at the Great British Business Show in November (, where David Wilde will be speaking about Edge, blockchain and their applicability to Government.

Finally Paul met with a number of car manufactures and automative publishers at Goodwood. He spoke to them about our technology to explore the potential for future engagement.

And that’s it! Enjoy your weekends.

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