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Weekly Update: 08th March, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, we are now providing weekly updates to our community, drawn from internal all-team updates. This is first of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Happy Friday people 👋

You asked for more regular and informal updates, so here’s a first shot at that – a quick wrap up of what has been a full on week of head-down building for the team.

🔗Published updates

First up, we posted a bunch of articles during the week, all of which are worthy of your reading time…

🔗Network-level services


As we continue to define and develop edge networking, the underlying mechanisms of the technology are being brought in to focus. Here we discuss the five key network-level services within our platform. These are the paid for services that the network provides, and the basis upon which value is created for node owners.

The full story:

🔗Network pricing


Pricing details for the Edge network are now available, covering scalable compute services, edge storage, edge caching and edge bandwidth.

The full story:

🔗Earnings as a staking node


Following the release of details relating to network-level services and network pricing, we are pleased to be able to provide details relating to node earnings.

The full story:

🔗Roadmap updates


As we close out the end of the first year post-crowdsale, we have been putting the finishing touches on our roadmaps for 2019-20.

The full story:

🔗AMA transcript

If you haven’t already, you should also have a read of the transcript of our latest AMA:

🔗Internal updates

As for internal updates, Arthur solved an frustrating and silly DNS issue in the network related to DNS security, the detail of which is long and detailed (you can see some of it here:

Eduardo shifted his focus from the core apps to help pitch in on a particular area of network dev - learning Go on the job! - and helping to put together an MVP for enhanced file chunking for Edge storage (which is a process that helps to secure the network, and which enables file resilience through effectively rebuilding of files in the event of single-node failure).

James, Meher and Adam got us over the line with the latest build of of our node software for embedded devices, which is now in active testing.

Paul spent a couple of fun but very full on days at the Geneva motor show, meeting with numerous prospective customers for our tech.

Chris and I attended a handful of high-level customer meetings about the potential for using our technology.

Francesco and I interviewed for a mobile app dev lead, which with luck will lead to a +1 on our team in the near future.

Francesco also met with Huridocs, the beneficiary of the DADI Foundations first grant (, to talk about how we can asisst them with technology.

While I’m on the foundation, Jennifer will be posting more about how you can get involved individually next week.

And there’s been much, much more besides!


Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll try to post quick weekly summaries from here on out.

Enjoy your weekends X

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