Weekly Update: 15th July, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our CEO writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 19th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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This week has been pretty bumper, and totally full on!

First up, https://edge.network is now live 💥

(Thanks for the cached social card Telegram!)

The new site focuses on network level services, and provides us with a solid base for the future. Over the coming weeks there will a whole bunch of updates and additions to the site.

The roadmap has been updated on site to reflect our most recent iteration. It will added to as we bring more of our R&D efforts to the fore in the coming months.


my.edge.network and the explorer are being updated as I type…

Ticker updates ($DADI → $EDGE) will be happening over the coming days, as will changes to our social channels.

This is a process rather than a button push, because there many parties involved.

We’ve migrated our codebase to the Edge github organisation: https://github.com/edge

The network engineering team have been cracking through updates on the back of the update to mainnet last week.

They have been working on a re-registration script to handle migrating Founding Nodes onto the latest software inline with the update to mainnet.

They’ve also improved DNS Exchange performance, and have fixed a bug with SSL certificate generation.

Build services have been migrated and deployed the replicate services for Consul.

Plans have been finalised for the self onboarding CLI, which will be released to a closed group at the end of August.

Our second live service, Edge DNS, is now live in the mainnet and in production. It’s running edge.network, amongst other domains, with a whole bunch in plan for migration later this month.

You can read more about the service here: https://edge.network/en/dns

The team also released a beta version of API, which includes the schemas-in-database piece, some fixes around search and, most importantly, a new URL format for collections.

And they released beta versions of @dadi/api-wrapper and @dadi/api-testbed to reflect the new URL format.

Publish has been updated to reflect the new URL format as well.

Updates were made to our in-house continuous integration service (used by Publish), so that it’s possible to specify the API structure as well as the API version that accompanies the Publish branch being built.

The build of the supporting site for the new stand alone web services proposition was kicked off in preparation for branding and content, and the process of migrating documentation pages was started.

The roadmap for the new proposition was finished.

And the team made a start on the control API that will orchastrate the SaaS platform, and handling deployments in to the Edge network.

Our support team continued efforts to migrate one of our key customer’s API services in to the network.

They have also been making some last minute changes for the PPA, which is now locked in to launch next week.

Final testing have been progressing well for Tiipr. Their MVP launch is on track for later this month.

We’ve had a bunch of articles about the rebrand in the press this week, along with an opinion piece I penned:

Finally our charitable foundation was nominated for a Noonie! If you haven’t already, please take a momnt to vote them here: https://noonies.hackernoon.com/award/cjxvrv4p26gd40b40cdlfmwwy

Oh! And check out what our team do for fun when not building out the Edge: https://twitter.com/imdsm/status/1152245649452228608

Awesome stuff.

And that’s it from me! I think you’ll agree that it’s been a great week 😀

Enjoy your weekends.

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