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Weekly Update: 17th May, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our CEO writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the tenth of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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👋 It’s been another packed week here… here are the edited highlights:

It looks like Ecohustler are going to be launching an app. This will be powered by API and Store, both running in the network. We expect to have the details of this fleshed out in early June.

All of the nodes flagged as needing a new SD card have now had one posted out (the final batch were posted today). The account pages for Founding Nodes have been updated to match the new device IDs and should pick them up once the new SDs have been inserted and the device powered on.

We’ve architected a solution to prevent issues like this happening again in future: it involves Agent on a Host performing a status check to the central network services within Stargate, which will enable the flagging of a node as non-updating and in need of a reset. In this instance Agent will remove the existing build of Host, reset itself and then proceed to download the latest version.

You can think of it as a remote reset.

There’s a bunch of planning needed to flesh this out, but the network team expect to have a version available within the next month.

The latest build of the networks central telemetry service deployed successfully to and will be moved to mainnet - - after a week or two of testing. This provides a greater level of insight data in to activity on nodes, which is central to the next release of the network explorer.

Chris met with a streaming media site focused on the music industry about shifting their platform to our tech and their media delivery to the network. Early days, but we have a second meeting booked for next week.

I met with an AI business focused on the lead generation space about the provision of a database and API in the network. I expect to be moving them in a trial and proof of concept in the next few weeks.

We also met with a dating business, who are looking for a new platform and who are interested in our stack and underlying network services.

Work on the PPA’s own site - shifting it to our stack - is progressing extremely well and is due live in early June. It will be launched in the network from day #1.

We have a bunch of leads on the back of the PPA event last week and meetings booked with four of the world’s biggest publishers to discuss our platform.

+We have the PPA awards coming up in June, which we’ll be attending.

We’ve continued to refine and move forward the brand refresh that I’ve mentioned in the last few updates. I’m working to a deadline of early-mid July for launch, along with an updated site focused on network-level services (

I’ll be sharing more information on this front ahead of release.

We’re hiring for two new positions, one in the network team and one in the web services team.

The Foundation has been busy compiling research, and has also been working with the charity commission here in the UK to help them understand blockchain and its application to the charitable sector.

We’ve also been engaged with HMRC here in the UK about the VAT treatment of tokens within a decentralised context.

We’re working to be able to give clarity in relation to the tax position of network transactions in relation to contributors to the network. We have a pretty clear view on this front, but are looking for confirmation. Once we have this we’ll share the position in full. In the fullness of time our intention is to be able to provide tax advice on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis (as we’ve discussed here before).

CDN version 3.6.9 was released. This brings animated gif support to the platform. Release notes and source code:

We’re around 95% through a conversion of Publish to React. The approach here is designed to better align our interfaces to one of the webs most active communities. It also opens up a bunch of new functionality for our interfaces.

We submitted a proposal for the take on of a conservation website. We expect to hear back from that within the next fortnight.

The startup that I mentioned last week that is about to go live on CrowdCube will be pushing a basic site to the network next week.

Arthur is currently in Japan, ostensibly on holiday, but from the photos he’s shared I’m fairly sure that he’s just there to dismantle some robots 🤖

Heads up that our next AMA will be Friday 07th June, when Arthur’s back. Chris will also be joining us.

And that’s it for today! Enjoy your weekends.

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