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Weekly Update: 21st June, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our CEO writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 15th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Hi everyone 👋 The sun is shining here and Bitcoin is up, so all is good with the world ☀️

I have quite a bit to update you on today… here we go!

Moses Skoda joined the team this week. He’s working on our services layer.

We’ve made strong headway with the build of our updated site, focused on core network services. We’ve also closed out the final colour ways and font choices or the brand update. I’ll be sharing some detail on this front with you next week.

And I expect us to be rolling out the changes in the first half of July.

Suffice to say, Ravi’s done an awesome job.

We had the PPA awards this week, where Paul presented one of the gongs:


It was a really positive evening for us – we have 20+ new conversations opened up on the back of the event.

I met with David Wilde to plan introductions to local government, and to explore methods for supporting delivery, for example by embedding our networking software within local data centres.

We also discussed the detail of his ongoing engagement with the project, covering speaking arrangements, articles and an approach for central government.

I wrote an article for Fintech magazine which should be published next week. I’ll share the link when it’s published.

We kicked off with our new PR. Wind up time can take a while, but it’s underway.

We’ve increased our engagement with one of our existing customers, who are now working with us on a deeper level to integrate core services.

One of our advisors Sean King is representing us in Cannes for the Cannes Lions this week, and has a few promising leads which we will be follow up on next week.

We have another promising engagement in the construction industry, which is the final throws of being defined before kicking off. As soon as we have more to share, we will.

The networking team have been continuing to put the finishing touches to the ACL migration piece required ahead of next months Mainnet release. This will make the transition from a single global ACL token to a per-user token seamless.

They also closed out enhancement work to the DNS service within the Edge network. it now supports all major record types in full, including MX, CNAME, NS and SOA record types.

It has also been refactoring in to an interface which makes extending record type coverage simple and lightweight. A version of this will be used for consumer level interfaces. More detail on this service will be released in the coming weeks.

Roadmap updates and timings were also completed this week. Items in the roadmap include:

  • The rebrand
  • Multi DC
  • Vault
  • ACL
  • DNS
  • Network CLI
  • Self onboarding for Hosts
  • Earning automation (DAO)
  • Edge storage
  • Explorer enhancements
  • Backbone rentals
  • Self onboarding for Gateways and Stargates
  • Edge for mobile and existing mobile apps
  • Consumer interfaces
  • ECUs
  • Edge cache
  • CDN comnsumer interfaces
  • Dates for Open Sourcing the core tech

…And a bunch more besides


We will be releasing a version of this to the community next week, and a full version with the release of the updated site in July.

Ecohustler went viral.

One of their articles ( was picked up by just about every social platform you can imagine. At peak the site was receiving 1k+ concurrent connections.

That’s an increase in traffic of 16,566%. Pretty significant! Uptime during the stampede? 100%

API version 5 was released!

Release notes as follows:

And documentation can be found here:

We’ve also made huge strides in the definition of what will become a stand alone SaaS proposition for our web services. Some of you are already aware of the work being done on this front, but in summary: we are breaking out the web services in the network and will be offering them under a new brand and on a new - and very powerful - domain.

The reason for this is to allow us to focus the network on network-level services, better supporting its go to market.

This approach also means that we don’t loose the momentum and investment made in the web services to date, and will present a stand alone entry point to use of the network (use of the web services under their new brand will deliver revenue directly back to the network).

We’ll be announcing this formally when the full branding work for the proposition has been completed. We expect this to be in July.

The focus for the technology has been on maintaining an open source platform and enabling local development workflows as a key point of difference and supporting mechanic for the SaaS solution.

With regard to token price, I’m happy to see a continued upward trend since early May (+32%).

The token remains central to the network as the only method of realising an internal marketplace that pays for services within an edge proposition at scale. This utility will be further cemented as we move closer to stand alone contracts, and as we work to find new methods for storing the data of the network in the blockchain.

And that’s it this week. Enjoy your weekends ✌️

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