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Weekly Update: 26th April, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, we are now providing weekly updates to our community, drawn from internal all-team updates. This is the seventh of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Two shortened weeks because of what was a wonderfully sunny four day Easter weekend here, but our pace barely dipped.

Here are some highlights:

Payments to Founding Nodes for April will be released to dashboards on Wednesday next week. Payouts for March are being processed through our distribution scripts this weekend and should have completed by Monday.

If you need to update your payout wallet, please do so now!

We moved - an ecology focused magazine - to live in the network. It was redesigned and rebuilt on our stack in four weeks, migrated from Wordpress. We’ll be writing about the experience next week.

It’s also the first live deployment to make use of a single sign on mechanism in the stack (not yet live, but it will be soon!), which is a great proof point for user data in the platform.

Multi DC was completed (see: This started testing on last week.

The update includes a significant development to participatory DNS. Previously we returned a gateway that was local to the Stargate handling the DNS response. Multi DC splits the network in to VPCs: if I’m in Paris, Stargate will look for a Gateway and give me an IP. If there’s no Gateways connected to Paris, the system needs to be able to give me a Gateway from within another VPC. So we designed and built a system called DNS Exchange – a process that forwards request records on to the closest Stargate on the basis of network coordinates, factoring the application availability of the request being made.

In short, DNS now transfers through VPCs to find the nearest gateway.

This is massively cool, and a huge performance and redundancy win for the network.

We’ve also migrated to v1.4.4 of Consul, which is the latest release.

Test coverage for the Finite Test Machine - - is now at 100%.

As a result we’ll be moving this in to its own repository and releasing it on Monday – the first of our network code to be open sourced.

I’ll share the Git link as soon as it is public.

We migrated registry and our build servers to more powerful machines in the network, which ups the performance of builds, speeding up development somewhat.

We’ve started working with a startup working in film, specifically performance testing their *massive* datasets in the network (read: tens of millions of documents - almost 100m in fact). Assuming we can show sufficient performance we expect them to become a customer. And if that does happen, I expect to be able to talk about the engagement publicly.

We’ve been speaking to an existing customer about extending their use of our technology to those areas of their business not yet utilising it. It’s nice to see positive experiences with the platform leading to greater engagement. A great proof point for what we’re doing.

We have three speaking spots at the PPA Festival in London on the 09th of May. Eduardo, Paul and Rob Belgrave will be speaking at the event.

+It looks like Chris and/or I will be at Consensus this year too. Hit me up if you’re going to be there.

The onboarding of the startup in the mobile payments space that we’re working with is cracking on at pace. Their core data layer is now in testing on the network. I expect to be able to share more detail with you on that in the coming weeks.

Ravi has been making great strides with our brand refresh. We’ll have a bunch to share on this front soon.

And here they are on a trolley, ready for pick up by UPS:


And finally, our next AMA will be Friday next week. Get your questions ready!

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