Weekly Update: W/C 03rd April, 2023

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 209th of these updates.

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Good evening @everyone 👋

And a very happy Easter 🥚

The proposal for introducing transaction fees to the network closes in a few hours. This is the last chance to have your say!


Thanks to everyone who has voted and pitched in so far. It looks like a resounded pass, so the team will proceed to move this into the planning stage, before factoring development into the roadmap.

There will be further proposals from the core team in the coming weeks.

This week some of the team have been taking well deserved breaks, and today and Monday are bank holidays, so the team will be having a long weekend to relax. But we’ve still been busy, especially with the preparations for moving to multiple Stargates.

Progress here is strong and we expect to be live soon. We encountered a few issues with network routing in the week, specifically relating to interconnectivity between Stargates, caused by a lack of peering for some areas leading to failed BGP routes. This has been resolved and will continue to be improved.

Additionally, this week:

Host v2.6.2-93 was released to mainnet. This addresses a build-time issue discovered late last week which resulted in some Hosts failing to process network requests. This was reflected in metrics graphs in the Explorer, as spotted by eagle-eyed contributors.

Overall network health remained good through this period despite the issue. If your nodes were affected by it, rest assured that your earnings were not.

Gateway v2.11.16-193 was released to mainnet. This patch re-enables a network stability feature that was temporarily disabled pending the latest Host update.

CLI v1.8.5 was released to mainnet. This delivers quality-of-life updates, including better support for env files and a rm alias for the device remove command. Update now by running edge update on your node.

Gateway v2.11.17-195 was released to mainnet. This patch prevents Gateway from hanging in particular circumstances if a Stargate connection cannot be established.

Stargate v2.17.0-295 was released to mainnet. This update adds an architecture flag to sessions, which enables us to monitor the distribution of nodes across x64 and ARM devices for informational and diagnostic purposes.

And Host v2.7.0-97 was released to mainnet. This enables Host to report its device’s architecture to Stargate.

We’ve had a bunch of ✍│write-for-edge submissions. These are stacked up waiting for review, which is in plan for next week. Expect to see new articles on the docs site soon.

The team continues to support several projects that are building on top of Edge, and will provide further updates as and when we can. We’re excited by the things that we’re seeing and know you will be too. With a fair wind we’ll be able to talk about the first of these in the next month.

We’re still working with CoinmarketCap to get the correct figures in place for the $EDGE token. We hope to see this resolved soon.

If you missed last week’s update, scroll up ☝️ …or you can read it on site now:


And that’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend 🍻

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