Weekly Update: W/C 04th January, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 92nd of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Hi everyone 👋

Happy New Year! This is first update for 2021. There will be many more 😀

We are working through the required changes to the core of the platform in support of the issue of a new Edge token. This is happening alongside our work with TNC. It’s heavy work in progress and we’re not in a position to talk to you all about the details yet, but we are very close.

We’re talking weeks, not months.

The conversations that I’ve been reading through here have been great, and there’s a lot of crossover in our planning with the suggestions made. Things like governance, deeper integration for staking and the like are front and centre in what is being taken forward.

Please keep your thinking hats on and throw in any suggestions that you have to help to drive Edge forward. We’ll put meat on the bone and broaden the discussion as soon as we’re ready to do so.

Chris and I are leading this process, with input from across the business.

In terms of network development, we’ve been adding information to our real time monitoring system to display a graph of version deployments, so we can better understand the way devices are handling updates and where there might be issues.

The update process was temporarily causing some issues with sessions and recognising device metadata changes. This is now resolved.

The team is also working on a new logger that will allow us to remote aggregate logs through our monitoring stack.

The issue covered in a prior update where subroutines stack up over time has finally been resolved, after a few weeks of intermittent debugging. This wasn’t a particularly serious issue in the short term but did cause memory leaks after 3-4 weeks, putting strain on the team by getting in the way of core development.

We’ve got off to a great start to the year in terms of business growth as well, with a series of meetings down and a bunch more in the diary. Of course it’s all virtual at the moment, but it’s still been nice to see people’s faces.

Our new business function has expanded, with a new business manager bought in alongside our new business director. As I’ve mentioned before, this is a key focus for the business for 2021/22 and beyond, and we expect to be expanding the team to cover other regions as we move through the year.

Anyone interested in network services should hit us up on: sales@edge.network

We’re also putting down plans for expansion in core development capability to increase the pace of development, something that will become particularly important as we move forward with new services in the network, looking of course to Storage and beyond to DB, API and functions.

Finally, if you missed our wrap up of 2020, you can read it here: https://edge.network/en/updates/network/2020-tldr

And that’s it for now.

Enjoy your weekends 😀

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