Weekly Update: W/C 08th February, 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 97th of these updates.

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Hi everyone đź‘‹

It’s been another very busy week here and I’ve just finished my last call ahead of the weekend. Sorry I’m late!
TNC held a video AMA on Wednesday morning. It was an open format with anyone able to ask questions or to enter into a live discussion with their Chairman and CEO directly.

They will be hosting more of these events in future. If you want to quiz the team on anything to do with their ecosystem, this is the forum for it.

One of the items raised in the last AMA related to the unlocking at the end of February and possible restrictions on tokens swapped from exchanges.

Our position in relation to unlocking and the need for everyone to be treated the same has not changed. We’ve made this clear to the team at TNC and are continuing to discuss it with them.

We’re now ~15 days out from unlock. It’s been a long ride, and we’re almost there.

Several fixes for the edge.network site were released, including changes to the underlying contact form functionality. Work also progressed preparing the backend of the platform for the site refresh.

The team also continued work on the unified GRPC service for all Gateway <> Host interactions. Previously there were 4 different connections between Host and Gateway for different operations, which had been seen to cause CPU and memory issues on Gateway. By unifying to RPC methods, Hosts will only ever open one connection to the Gateway regardless of the amount of work they’re doing. This is running smoothly on test.network and we hope to release it to mainnet early next week.

We’ve pushed forward the governance model for Edge significantly. It is contract based, with the contract engineered to allow token holders to both create and vote upon proposals, with a cost associated for proposal creation and a token lock associated with voting.

Proposals will require certain majorities in order to be passed and Stargates will be given a collective right to veto or to propose amendments.

Version 1 is designed to be advisory, with the core dev team also holding the right to veto.

Governance will be open for any proposals that individuals wish to raise. Guidelines for the core dev team will also be published, with, for example, a requirement for any future changes to tokenomics to be run through the governance contract, along with any major changes to the network itself.

There will be a governance portal, and all proposals will be hashed and verifiable on chain.

Plans for further development on the Edit platform moved forward. The data layer for the platform will eventually be moved into the network’s data solution, and API will be retooled in GOlang. There will be a full site refresh this year as well.

The platform is growing steadily, with seven new eCom and subscription services due online in Q1/Q2.

Edit’s subscriptions layer has now handled over 3,000 transactions.

Cookalong.TV held an event this evening with David Gandy and Vodafone, with everything working flawlessly. Their platform is built on Edit and runs in the Edge network.

And finally we started working with a drinks company for the provision of hosting services and subscriptions services for their coming direct to consumer solution.

And that’s it for this week.

Enjoy your weekends.

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