Weekly Update: W/C 08th June, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 64th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Hi everyone đź‘‹

On Monday, the Network Team released the latest iteration of Edge Console (v1.4) which brought with it the ability for customers to subscribe to premium CDN services. The update also integrated the first version of service usage statistics into the content distribution section, allowing users to see their usage real time.

There’s a bunch more data visualisation coming down the track for later releases of console too.

The release means that you can sign up, deploy and pay for network CDN directly. Deployment takes seconds, and gives you immediate access to the full set of functionality that CDN provides, including the built in media manipulation and optimisation system.

The team started work on a series of enhancements post release, including updates to billing address management and invoice listing. Work is ongoing and these should be released early next week.

A number of minor issues were discovered relating to the existing request queueing system in Gateway. These were resolved.

Alongside this work continued on the new request queueing system in Host and Agent.

Updates to network CDN were made to further enhance the performance of asset processing.

The new email management system for the network was released. This greatly improves our ability to automate the sending of emails, and decouple the email design templates from applications. This is service internal to the network that is similar in scope to SES, and which may become a public service in time.

We’re mid way through the roll out of a major hardware upgrade to the Stargate layer in the network backbone. We expect to have this online by the end of the month, with the result being even lower latency, as well as adding in some additional capacity.

Finally on the network, we began work on a series of plugin for CDN for popular frameworks and platforms, starting with Wordpress. Thank you to Max for the suggestion.

The token swap process is ongoing, with another batch processed and distributed this week. We’re continuing to process requests on a first come first serve basis.

Please note that the team here read pretty much everything in these channels. Where we can respond, we do. Where there are questions relating to TNC that need raising with TNC HQ, we raise them. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, and we hope to be in a position to share more with you all soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekends.

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