Weekly Update: W/C 13th April, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 56th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.


This week the team have been building the core components for subscription plans to sit alongside billing, along with additions to the product systems for Content Distribution.

The finishing touches have been put to the cli watch command, the real-time monitoring feature for device performance. We expect to be releasing this soon.

We’ve also been introducing a benchmarking feature for CDN performance which will limit low performing devices from contributing to certain tasks.

Perhaps the biggest update this week was the release of a new feature to Gateway which sends cancellation requests to Hosts that are mid-way through processing a job that is no longer required. This scenario can happen regularly when multiple Hosts are competing on the same job, or when the end user cancels a request. Having cancellation requests as part of Gateway removes unnecessary load from Hosts and the network, and in turn lowers origin requests in CDN.

It’s a very cool feature, and one that @arthurmingard will be writing about in detail in due course.

We also completed the verification of the first batch of swap records. We’ll be processing these at the start of next week, so expect to see TNC moving in to your wallets soon.

Finally a note on the details of around the launch of new token. We’ve not spoken about these yet at the request of the TNC Group. When they are ready to publicly confirm the full details we’ll publish them here and in our other channels.

We’ve been given at least another three weeks of lock down here in the UK, but have also been told that it’s now okay to sit down when outside for your hours allotted exercise. Good times.

Enjoy your weekends 😀

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