Weekly Update: W/C 15th June, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 65th of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

Hi all đź‘‹

It’s Friday again, if you can believe it.

First up, we’re hiring! We’re looking for a talented Golang developer to join the team. If you or someone you know fits the bill, hit us up on team@edge.network and we’ll follow up with the specification and requirements pre interview.

This week we’ve been focused on an infrastructure upgrade to the underlying hardware in the network, the network backbone that currently provides Stargate and Gateway capacity. The current deployment is several years old and in need of a refresh. As part of this work we’ve overhauled the DNS layer in the network and are in the midst of provisioning hardware in several new locations, informed by the routing data that we’ve collected since the mainnet went live. We expect this work to complete in the next 2-3 weeks, with the overall effect being even faster lookups at the top level of the network, which in turn will result in an incremental improvement in the performance of services.

Related to this the team has also been hard at work migrating all of the core Edge services onto a new deployment platform.

The team improved CDNs ability to detect content types, and the latest updates to SVG support were deployed. Work also began on an improvement to the way configurations are delivered to the containerised layer for CDN.

The new dynamic queue priority component in Gateway is in the final stages of testing. Once this is done we’ll be writing about it in detail to explain how it’ll impact the performance of the network.

Work was undertaken to improve the performance of the auto SSL routing on Gateway, specifically looking to better integrate with Lets Encrypt’s latest revisions of the ACME routines.

The network suffered a partial outage of DNS services related to peering arrangements for top level inter-network routing. The outages were short lived, impacting Eastern Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. It’s been dealt with, and we’re now exploring ways of preventing this sort of scenario happening again in future.

The first full implementation of a payment solution built with our technology went live for a customer this week. We have been trailing checkout integrations within API in the network for some time, in part for use in services (live now for CDN subscriptions), and in part to explore how far we can go with this sort of integration as a service.

The base specification for a new service was sketched out. Edge Functions are conceived as single-purpose micro applications, capable of being run in trusted environments within the network. An example of an Edge Function might be a payment request end point which receives an input from a web app and triggers a Apple Pay transaction through a third party such as Stripe.

We’re looking at where we can fit this in to the roadmap, and will provide you with an update once we’ve sized the work and development is underway.

We put together a MVP Wordpress plugin for CDN. It’s not that polished yet so isn’t ready for release, but it will be soon. You can see the demo here using a base Wordpress theme here: https://wp.theunstoppableweb.com

Cookalong TV goes live next week. Cookalong is a charitable platform that has been built on our tech with our assistance. It’s also running on Edge CDN and DNS.

Finally TNC released an update relating to the first unlock period. They have provided a “drop dead” date October 01st for the first unlock along with an OTC offer of $0.04 USDT per $TNC for the first 10%. This will be offered as an alternative to releasing your tokens for trading in market, providing a strong baseline value and a good indicator of where they expect token to be.

Distribution is ongoing, with new swap requests received daily.

And that’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend.

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