Weekly Update: W/C 16th May, 2022

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 163rd of these updates.

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Good evening all 👋

The network saw just one mainnet deployment, as we’ve been busy behind the scenes on the account system.

Stargate v2.9.4-200 was deployed to mainnet and introduced some optimisations for closed session storage. Among these were cleaning up of older session data that was having an impact on read times.

The account system is coming along well, with server deployment now in place using our green Edge servers. We currently have one region (UK #1) but will be expanding our points of presence further down the line. In addition to this, we’ve been working hard on the design for the billing system, which will operate primarily on our XE blockchain. There will be FIAT top up options available, with a daily pay-as-you-go model for servers and content delivery, and later on, Storage too.


Earnings have remained stable, with node operators continuing to earn XE on a daily basis based on their node’s availability. Soon we’ll be introducing changes to the algorithm to make use of the work completed, but we’ll write more about that closer to the time.

Just a reminder that a couple of weeks ago we introduced clock drift protection to the network. If your device is failing to connect and displays a time out of sync error, try enabling automatic date & time. This will ensure your system has the right time which is crucial to the correct operation of nodes.

Expansion of the Gateway layer is progressing. The intention is to bring the number of Gateways up to three in the first instance within the next month, and then even further throughout the rest of the year. We expect this expansion to lead to even further reductions in request TTFB (time-to-first-byte) along with more distributed pockets of hosts. We’ll write more about this closer to the time.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest updates, you can now join our Twitter Community:


And that’s all for this week!

Enjoy your weekends 🍻

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