Weekly Update: W/C 18th October, 2021

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 133rd of these updates.

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Good evening everyone 👋

Happy Friday 😀

We’re cracking forward with delivery on v2, and are hitting milestones week in, week out. I have @adamkdean with me this evening to talk to you about the latest.


Good evening folks!

Earlier today XE Blockchain v1.4 went live. This update introduces on-chain staking to the XE mainnet, along with on-chain variables too. On-chain variables are block-level global configuration variables which power the variable stake values in the network. These can be updated by custodian wallets, but can be read by all.

Custodian wallets were set in block 189541 (https://xe.network/block/189541).

Staking variables were set in block 189552 (https://xe.network/block/189552).

You can view the current on-chain variables here: https://api.xe.network/vars

Staking is now enabled on the blockchain, and we’ll be releasing the new CLI in the coming weeks which will allow you to create and manage stakes. Legacy stakes will be migrated over soon, so if you staked in DADI, there’s nothing to worry about, your stakes will be transferred over automatically.

Following this, device onboarding for v2 will open up. There will be a further CLI update to support this and we’ll let you know more closer to opening up. Stakes from new partners in support of coming services will also be being prepared.

Stake values will be as they were before staking was put on hold in the first instance, factored down for the conversion to XE. Over time this will change as the requirements of the network evolve. We’ll talk about this in this forum.

A few weeks ago, we spoke of making the XE testnet public. Work continues on this and we expect to open the testnet up next week. This will include a testnet explorer, a testnet wallet, and the testnet XE blockchain. There are plans for an XE faucet too. In time, a testnet CLI and testnet v2 device onboarding will also be made publicly available.

The release schedule for the rest of Q4 is packed. You’re going to love what’s coming up.


Thank you Adam!

The latest episode of our podcast just dropped:

Plans for a second series in 2022 are in development and look set to broaden the scope of the show from being focused on Edge exclusively to looking at the wider Web3 space. No decisions have been made on this yet, so if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to hear, drop them into the buidl channel in the Discord server.

We’ve been working with two start ups in the NFT space, one in a supporting capacity (think storage and delivery) and one in a deeper capacity, specifically looking at chain usage. Both are being established as DAOs, and both are really exciting and compelling propositions. They’re developing quickly, so we hope and expect to be able to talk to you about them soon.

There’s coming on chain functionality related to this space as well. It’s extremely cool and has the potential to significantly enhance future chain usage.

We also cracked forward with a deeper partnership with an established crypto project. I’ve mentioned this in a prior update, but you expect an announcement relating to hosting and coin usage this side of Christmas.

The XE Mobile App continued to move forward apace. We will be releasing this as a public beta in the first instance and are excited to get your feedback. The wallet integrates Eth, EDGE and XE, and provides bridging functionality. It’s being built to allow for additional functionality to be added over time. Think direct staking, service provision and even support for additional tokens.

There will be a campaign in support of the full launch of the app, with a sizable airdrop of tokens for early adopters and users of the app.

The latest issue of our now weekly newsletter was sent today. If you’re not signed up, there’s no time like the present! Join the 100,000+ individuals already subscribed here: https://edge.press

We’re still on the hunt for new core team members, with positions available for accomplished full stack developers. You can read about how we work and find a job specification in the community wiki here: https://wiki.edge.network/supporting-the-network/careers

And if you missed last weeks update you can read it on our site here: https://ed.ge/update/2021/10/11

And that’s it for now – have a great weekend.

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