Weekly Update: W/C 19th December, 2022

As part of Edge’s ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, the core team write weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 194th of these updates.

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Happy Christmas everyone 👋

It’s difficult to believe that it’s already that time of year. We’ve been so busy this year that time has flown by. This time last year, we had 61 stakes in v2, now we have 667. The blockchain has mined over half a million blocks, and processed almost 23,000 transactions. Over 10% of the total supply of XE is staked, and we consistently have over 260 nodes online. We now have 8 Gateways spread across the world, with more coming next year.

This year saw a number of major milestones reached, including (but not limited to) general availability of Edge Servers (VPS), Edge CDN, and Edge DNS; the XE iOS Wallet app; daily earnings and payouts for network contributors; the Edge Account system, with XE & FIAT billing; and numerous behind-the-scenes improvements to network stability and capacity. Gateways were expanded for global coverage, the Stargate layer expanded to 24 nodes all running Edge DNS, with network operations expected to expand to more Stargates next year. And of course, just last week, we launched Open Governance.

In addition to these major milestones, we pushed forward with our open source pledge, open sourcing numerous repositories under the GNU GPL v3 licence. We announced a partnership with Mudas Capital, and progressed numerous other potential project partnerships. Existing customers were migrated over to the Edge Account system and new customers joined the Edge family. Overall, it’s been a highly successful year during what has been a rather rocky - to say the least! - period for crypto.

We’ll be posting a more in depth TL;DR article over the holidays, so keep an eye out for that.

This week the development team has been winding down, ready for a well deserved break over the holidays, but we’ve still managed to get a number of releases out.

Explorer v1.21.8 and Wallet v1.18.4 were deployed to mainnet. These updates improved how Governance stakes are displayed as well as enabling the link from Wallet to the Governance portal.

Governance v1.0.3 was deployed to mainnet. This minor update included a number of UI tweaks.

Account v1.13.2 was deployed to mainnet. This increased the strength of generated passwords when deploying a new server.

Explorer v1.21.11 was deployed to mainnet. This update added a link to the Governance portal as well as tweaking sorting of stakes and nodes.

CLI v1.8.0 and v1.8.1 were deployed to mainnet and testnet. The former was a refactor of CLI internals, and the latter a maintenance release with a couple of small additions. See the release notes here: https://github.com/edge/cli/pull/129.

Finally, today Wallet v1.18.5 was deployed, fixing a small issue with iron icon colours.

There have also been some releases for our GitHub tooling, which we use to maintain our repositories. You can find that at https://github.com/edge/github-tools/.

The roadmap in the Community Wiki will be updated soon, we’ll share that with you over the holidays.

And that’s all for now. If you celebrate Christmas, enjoy your holidays, and if not, we hope you have a great end to the year. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the new year 🍻

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