Weekly Update: W/C 19th October, 2020

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and development in the open, our founder writes weekly updates to the Edge community. This is the 83rd of these updates, originally posted to Telegram.

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Hi everyone đź‘‹

I’m later than usual as I’ve been travelling.

20% of the code base of Edge has been refactored in the move away from Consul, with 685,575 lines of code affected.

Stargate, Gateway, Host and CDN have all been deployed on test.network with the final build and are performing extremely well under simulated conditions, with an average load that is around 0.39% of Consul.

Scaling technology on the edge is impossible unless it scales out. Scaling up is easy. Which is why we see so many technologies in our space hit performance issues or require a crazy high level of resources in a single node.

When people who know little about technology buy in to these projects the real winners are companies like AWS, who charge huge amounts for powerful machines that are only required because of the poorly optimised nature of the software. This is wrong.

Edge takes a different approach. We’re focused on the lowest powered devices first. We’ve spent years working with partners to build technology that works in devices like wifi routers and set top boxes. This work is fundamental to making the Edge Network a reality.

For true scale to be achievable the software must be capable of running on a baseline device. This is why we launched the network with Raspberry Pis. And this is why those same Pis are still usable in the network.

We’re now shifting focus to updates to our deployment mechanisms next, utilising the network native comms layer to enable soft deploy updates. The focus here is sequencing updates over time, respecting live deployments and ensuring that any potential for interruption of service during deployment is removed.

As part of reporting improvements we’ve been working on a way of recording some more network performance metrics like cached and uncached response times for a number of target URLs. We’re also exploring opentrace as a method to capture and visualise the request lifecycle end to end.

Work on splitting Console in to multiple interfaces to provide a more focused experience for individual network products and for contributions continues.

Finally, a quick update on TNC:

Chris and I have spoken to Jason again this evening. We are still waiting on an official position on the changes proposed last weekend, which we are told remain under review. As we understand it, the proposal arose as a result of some barriers thrown up by exchanges, and these are still being looked at.

We’re told that they are still on track for unlock at the end of this month. The mainnet is up. The explorer is complete. And the majority of exchanges are connected. The update to Aladdin Pro - final piece of the puzzle - should be completed in the next few days.

We will update you again once we have further information.

Enjoy your weekends.

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